ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.5 - Liquid-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers


Updated December 21, 2014!

Welcome to the homepage of the ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.5.
TC8.5 is concerned with the thermal and mechanical design, performance, and application of devices for accomplishing heat transfer between refrigerants (including secondary refrigerants) and liquids. Such devices include liquid cooled refrigerant condensers and refrigerant evaporators for cooling liquids.

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ASHRAE 2015 Winter Conference in Chicago

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Shell-and-Tube Condensers.
The refrigerant condenses in the shell side. The cooling liquid flows through the tubes.

Direct Expansion Evaporators
Refrigerant boils as it flows through the tubes, cooling the liquid that flows through the shell.

Flooded Evaporators
The refrigerant evaporates in the shell, cooling the liquid that flows through the tubes.

Brazed Plate Condensers and Evaporators
The refrigerant that boils or condenses flows through very small passages on one side of a plate, while the liquid being heated or cooled flows on the other side of the plate. Many plates are combined together into one compact unit.

Committee Chair:

Ebrahim Al-Hajri
Petroleum Institute

Upcoming Meetings:

2015 Annual Conference
Chicago, IL USA
January 24-28, 2015

TC 8.5 Committee Meeting
Monday, January 26
Palmer House Hilton
Hancock (6)
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Research Review Meeting
Sunday, January 25
Palmer House Hilton
Monroe (6)
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